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My Current Skincare routine for Combination skin.

I constantly get asked by friends and family about my skincare routine and how I mange to keep my skin clear, for the most part "hormonal breakouts suck"!

Please keep in mind I'm not a skincare specialist, and am only mentioning products I have done my research on and have used over the last few months.

So it only makes sense to start off by talking about my skin ! I have combination skin, I'm a little oily in the T-zone, yet dry just a little on the sides of my nose, and for me hydration is everything, so I ensure I either use a hyaluronic product of some sort, or a facial oil/serum. Yes yes I can almost hear people gasping when I mentioned I have an oily t-zone, but use a facial oil/serum. Let me explain - firstly there are many different types of oils on the market, that cater to your specific skin type. If your oily I would recommend a non comedogenic (non clogging) facial oil/serum. You have to remember this, your skin naturally produces oil and if you strip that oil away, your skin is then forced to produce more sebum, and in the long run resulting in an even oilier complexion.


1. Elf SuperClarify Cleanser £6

I ran out of my usual cleanser & came across this one on the boots website with 20% off "winning". This cleanser does not dry out my skin whatsoever, and has a silky texture that lathers up really nicely. Oh did I mention it contains Niacinamide? no, well it does, and that particular ingredient is great for helping minimise enlarged pores, diminishing dullness and strengthening the skin. The funky orange packaging is a welcome change to the generic skincare packaging I see from many other skincare brands. I use this cleanser morning & night majority of the time, I do also use The Inkey List salicylic acid cleanser about 3 times a week which I will go into more detail in just a second.

I think overall, this product has done for me what a lot of insanely expensive brands could not do, and for £6 you can't go wrong.

2. The Inkey List - Salicylic Acid Cleanser £10.99

When I first heard about The Inkey List, I knew the exact product I wanted to try. I had done some research on their Salicylic Acid Cleanser, and loved what I read, which made it even more exciting to try this cleanser. As mentioned above, I use this cleanser 3 times a week and mainly in the evenings. This product is great for acne-prone skin, and is formulated with zinc which helps control excess sebum (oil), it helps minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, blackheads and breakouts. Now I don't have acne-prone skin myself, but like to use this on the nights I feel like I may get a breakout in the morning.

The 150ml bottle has lasted me a while, considering I only use this about 3 times per week. The packaging is sleek in black & white, and the product itself is of a clear consistency, It lathers up nicely and does not irritate my skin. I think this product is one I will continue to use in my routine for a while.

3. Fresh - Rose deep hydration facial toner £34

I'm a sucker for a good toner!

And this one here has become my holy grail.

This toner contains real rose petals and has a rose scent (which I absolutely live for), plus it contains Hyaluronic Acid !

Fresh claims this toner is skin soothing, helps to retain moisture levels and hydrate as well as clears the skin of left over impurities. Now I'm definitely one that loves skincare on a budget, but I can't see myself finding any other toner of this quality.

This bad boy will set you back £34 for the 250ml bottle, but thank the heavens they thought ahead, Fresh also sell a 100ml bottle for £21, which is an ideal travel friendly companion.

After about 4 months use, I could definitely see a difference in my skin on nights I would forget to use this toner (which isn't very often).

I found my skin felt softer, pores did look a little smaller, but more importantly my skin felt hydrated ! And it being winter here in the UK, I need all the hydration I can get.

4. Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair, Recovery Complex 30ml £58

Ok, so price wise this one is an investment and honestly I'm pretty sure my wallet and me both cried when we got home, but after using this product for the first 5 days, I could see such an improvement in the overall texture and look to my skin.

Estee Lauder claims this is for all skin types and is ideal for, improving signs of ageing, helps with dryness and dehydration, fights those lines and wrinkles and brings back the radiance to your skin. Big claims for such a small bottle at such a ridiculously high price.

But, I'm not going to argue with you on this one Estee Lauder, this formula is pure goodness. On the first night I used this serum (recommended to be used at night only) I woke up with glowy skin, that felt soft and supple to the touch and noticed my skin looked smoother. This 30ml bottle will definitely last you a while.

5. Bioderma - Hydrabio Creme £15.50

When it comes to moisturisers, I'm very particular, however my skincare regimen is something that I do like to alter, depending on the time of year. In winter I tend to gravitate towards a thicker moisturiser as opposed to a thinner moisturiser for the summer months.

So it comes as no surprise that the Bioderma Hydrabio Creme is my go to this season. This moisturising creme is hypoallergenic (which means that it is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction), and is suited for normal to combination skin. Since this moisturiser is of a thicker consistency, it not only hydrates the skin but plumps it as well. Now if I haven't sold you on this one yet, then the price is definitely something to consider, at £15.50 per tub you definitely get your moneys worth.

6. Bioderma Sensibio Eye Cream 15ml £14.80

I've always been one to use an eye cream, mainly because I have puffy under-eyes, and at times that makes me feel a little self conscience. Having searched high and low for an eye cream that delivers, I've tried everything from Origins to boots own brand and really struggled to find one that I can see results with. Low and behold the Sensbio eye cream from Bioderma, this product when used consistently helps reduce puffy eyes, wrinkles and overall moisturises the delicate eye area.

I have been using this eye cream for a good 2 years (started using it when I fell pregnant in 2018) so its safe to say that I've definitely given it a fair shot.

Tip : It also works well as an under-eye primer for concealer.

7. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Miracle Mist 100ml £21

And last but certainly not least is this 8 Hour Miracle Mist from EA.

This beautiful concoction contains super fruits rich in antioxidants and vitamins which work to leave the skin feeling fresh, clean and soft.

Now I have never been one for a facial spray/mist, as I thought "what benefit could it possibly have?". And all I can say is I'm glad I splurged on this one, it is such a good way to lock in the skincare that I used prior, and further hydrate my skin.

Tip: Also great to use prior to applying your primer for that extra bit of hydration.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions about the above mentioned products and maybe peaked your interest into the world of skincare.

Thanks for reading xx



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