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2019 Drugstore makeup must haves!

So as another year has drawn to an end, I definitely feel like I have come across some amazing drugstore products that I think is only fitting to share with you all.

So before I ramble on (which I can easily do haha) let's get down to business.

1. Essence, You better work - Tinted day cream 30ml | Shade, Light @ Wilko

Oh Em Gee ! I've never been one for a tinted day cream mainly because the coverage is meh! But boy does this one have a decent amount of coverage and best of all, it lasts all day with minimal wear and no need for a touch up!

Essence claims this product is Gym-proof, waterproof, anti-shine and skin perfecting. Now I have not tested this product in the gym or my bathtub (don't have a pool sorry), but I can definitely vouch that it is anti-shine and makes my skin look like skin, but better.

The consistency of the day cream is more on the watery side, but it definitely packs a punch when applied to the skin. It evens out the complexion and reduces redness, so much so, that I would compare this to a bb cream rather than a tinted day cream.

Now the only negative is the shade range - they only have two different shades - 10 Light and 20 Medium *boo* - however, if either of these shades work for you, then I definitely recommend picking one or both up.

2. Maybelline, Fit me! - Loose finishing powder | 10, Fair/Light @ Amazon

Now this bad boy has been my go to baking & setting powder for the whole of 2019 !

And if you don't know, there has been a huge comparison between this loose powder and dare I say it.......the Laura Mercier translucent powder. Having tried both I have to say that Maybelline takes the win for me, this powder is so smoothing underneath the eye area, it has no scent and has a slight banana colour to it but does not in anyway alter the colour of the concealer applied beforehand. In all honesty the saying "set it & forget it" applies to this product on a whole other level.

There is no cakeiness and creasing is a thing of the past, It is so silky in texture and finely milled that it just melts into the skin so effortlessly.

Now in terms of the shade range they have 8 shades available (Fair, Fair/Light, Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Deep, Deep & Dark). All of these shades are available to shop on Amazon for my UK readers as this particular product is not yet stocked in the UK *sigh*. Definitely a reviewed & approved product from me.

3. Physicians Formula, Butter Bronzer | Shade, Light Bronzer @ boots

Who doesn't want to look like they've been away on a tropical vacay in the Bahamas, chilling in a hammock, sipping on sangria & wearing one of those ridiculously oversized sun hats? If you've answered YES, then you need to get your hands on this bronzer ASAP!

The name alone tells you all you need to know about this second to none bronzer goodness, and honestly, I've tried & tested so many high end and drugstore bronzers but always find myself reaching for this one!

The texture is so buttery and it glides on so smoothly that I find you can't overdo it with this bronzer. But wait there's more.......SMELL IT! It smells of coconut & has me thinking of a tropical getaway (Who said Bahamas???).

Now onto the bronzer shade range - Light, Sun-kissed, Deep, Brazilian Glow & Endless Summer (however I believe only the first 4 bronzer shades mentioned are available for purchase in the UK). With that being said, could they add more shades? Who knows, but there is always room for more, am I right?! Yet, for the time being with whats available I believe everyone should be able to find their perfect shade. Definitely a reviewed & approved product!

4. Maybelline, Fit me! - Blush | Shade, 35 Corail @ Amazon

I've always been a fan of Maybelline & have truly loved their Fit me! collection since it first launched in 2015. So it comes as no surprise when holidaying in Australia back in Summer (No, not the UK one, the Aussie one!) I came across their Fit me! blushes and thought, why the heck not! I picked up the shade 35 Corail and have not put it down since! This is the perfect peachy blush with a gorgeous sheen. It applies so smoothly and not a lot of product is required on your brush to provide you with the perfect peachy flush to the cheeks.

You cannot, I repeat CANNOT, go over board with this blush - it's just not possible!

Again this product is not sold in the UK drugstore market, but can be purchase online at Amazon UK.

5. Essence, G'Day Sydney | Eyeshadow palette @ Amazon

G'day mate! Lets throw another shrimp on the barbie! (FYI, we Aussies do not throw shrimps on the barbie, you can blame Jim Carey for that!)

When I saw this palette, my inner Australian jumped up & down with pride and emotion. No, no, it wasn't "that time of the month", but rather the homesick feeling you get when you've been away from family & familiarity for too long!

So I said to myself, "I will buy it & I sure as hell will use it", & that I did!

The shadows are pigmented and apply seamlessly to the lids. Now the colour scheme isn't all that WOW!, but it does have its pros in that you have a great all over the lid shade, a nice transition shade and then your choice of shimmers. Out of the 9 shadows, I would say I only use 7, the two blue shades aren't something I reach for, but they are beautiful nonetheless and definitely wearable (I'm not very spontaneous with my makeup haha).

So if you haven't already, go and pick this palette up - for the price, you can't go wrong.

6. Revlon, Kiss Cloud | Whipped Hazelnut, Blotted Lip @ superdrug

The Revlon Kiss Cloud sold in 10 beautiful shades, claims to be a nourishing lip colour with a diffused suede finish, and boy is it just that. I opted for the colour whipped hazelnut, which is a perfect cool toned nude that just makes your lips look plump, smooth and soft.

The packaging is super cute, and reflects the colour that is inside the little bottle, the applicator is your standard doe foot, and applies the product evenly all over the lips.

So go on and treat yourselves at £7.99 a pop you'd be crazy not to.

Until next time my loves, these are my reviewed & approved ❤



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